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FAQs about kitchen design & planning

Why should I pay for a kitchen design and plan?

Independent kitchen designer means no ties to any company or its products. I design for you, the client and therefore can guide you in the direction that will best suit your needs. I do not sell the products so have no financial gain in recommending a product to you – I will suggest in an advisory capacity to allow you to see all the options available. Offers of a so called, “free design service” may seem appealing but they’re “free” to encourage you buy from that particular company. I’m a professional independent kitchen designer and therefore charge for what I do. My aim is to design your perfect kitchen – not to sell you one.

How much do you charge?

My charges will depend on the complexity of the work involved so please contact me to discuss your requirements – I’m not expensive and can actually save you money as I can suggest the best scheme for your needs and advise on where savings could be made.

How far will you travel to do a home visit?

My Home Visit service is generally within UK, Channel Islands and France. I am based in Dorset and will travel to wherever you live. I do provide my services to clients overseas by arrangement.

Do you have a kitchen showroom that we could visit or can we come to see you?

I do not have a showroom as I don’t sell furniture or appliances and no, I don’t see clients in my office.  I am more then happy to arrange a visit to you though to allow a one to one meeting.

For correspondence purposes my address is:
12 Frome Valley Road, Crossways, Dorchester, Dorset DT28XU

Do you supply the installation service for our kitchen?

I do not install any furniture – I design the kitchen and can advise on the installation only.

Are you as good as you sound and are you worth it?

Getting the design right is vital and I pride myself in providing an honest and independent service for the benefit of my client – not the kitchen company that supplies the kitchens. I have years of experience that you can benefit from so, yes – I’m worth it.

Why don't you do your plans on a computer - are you scared of them?

I hand draw all plans and artist’s impressions because clients like the look of them. I provide a personal service and feel you deserve a person to draw for you. I’m certainly not scared of computers and have seen some good CAD drawings from showrooms. Having used both methods I prefer the individuality of a hand drawn design.

Can you give advice on the right appliances and what type of worktops we could use?

I am able to advise on all aspects of your kitchen requirements including appliances, worktops, colours and finishes, plus the benefits of using certain materials in the right circumstances, for example, timber or granite worktops or maybe solid wood compared to MDF. I aim to help you as much as I can and guide you in the right direction but this is not a free advisory service or telephone helpline.

Customer Comments

“At last someone who listens! Thanks for incorporating all the features we asked for. My husband told me I was asking for a miracle but you did it. I look forward to having my kitchen fitted in August and will send you some photographs when complete. Thank you again Graham for designing my super kitchen.”

“Smashing! At last a kitchen I can be proud of. Love the idea of the American fridge and the plate rack looks great. The drawing really helped because I am not good at visualizing things. Thought it seemed extravagant to pay for a designer but you were worth it. I have recommended you to our friends and they will be contacting you next week.”

“We are so delighted with the design you have come up with. We had almost given up with the idea of a new kitchen as the other designs we had done were no good – they just weren’t listening. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”
Richmond, Surrey

Arrange a consultation

If you would like to arrange for Graham to visit you at your home or project site please get in touch.

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